Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Stolen Cheap Poem.

The 16th of December.
What is played at the moment? 'Autumn Leaves' by Nat King Cole is.

I always like the way you rub your nose,
And the way you frown when you listen to sigur ròs.

The way you play your fingers with lips inaudibly mouthing something like doing math as cars pass us through, then i ask, "what are you doing?"
"nothing. Just calculate numbers," you then will answer.

The way you walk,
The way you talk.

The way you giggle when i ask you for a dance,
The way you rather use glasses instead of lens.

The way you dress,
The way you let your hair in a mess.

The way you bend your body forward when you feel tired,
The way you relievly grinned when you got fired.

I always love the way you pronounce 'Ian Curtis',
And the way you ask, "can you repeat that again, please?"